Personal treatment

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DNA analysis

Personal treatment for every patient

Although major advances have been made in our knowledge of cancer, there is no real agreement on how best to treat it. Courses of treatment are still chosen that work for the majority of people with the same type of cancer rather than being customized to individual patients. At the Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment (CPCT) we are committed to changing this approach. By analyzing in detail the genetic material – the DNA – in the cancer, our goal is to be able to offer every patient a bespoke course of treatment in the future.

For patients

Using a new technology called Next Generation DNA Sequencing, we can now simultaneously determine all major faults (mutations) in the DNA of the tumor (the profile). With the aid of the latest DNA analysis techniques we aim to get more insight into the relation between the genetic defects of cancer cells and outcome to treatment in order to eventually give patients with metastasized cancer the best possible personalized treatment. Of note, it is important to realize that such treatments currently can only be given when available and in the context of clinical studies. Read more

For researchers

All CPCT locations are currently hosting various (clinical) studies for patients with metastasized cancer. We ask patients to participate in one of the CPCT studies.  Read more

For health care professionals

When patients are undergoing standard treatment they can of course do so at their own hospital. Patients referred to the CPCT can be treated in phase 1 studies or one of the other clinical CPCT studies. Read more

Affiliated hospitals

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